Please read our rules carefully. All bans are final.
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Server Info

  • You're not allowed to cheat.
  • We do not allow VPNs as it can be used to evade a ban.
  • You're not allowed to grief or steal.
  • PVP is enabled in the Nether but teleporting players to you and murdering them breaks the very last rule.
  • If you find a bug and abuse it such as the shop, you will be permanently banned.
  • Any glitches are not allowed either. Dupes, glitched farms etc.
  • Do not scam players.
  • Don't share your VIP account with others. This includes commands, too.
  • Lag machines, autofishing will result in a ban.
  • If you join purely to annoy others, you'll be banned.
  • Avoiding AFK-kick is considered cheating. Includes pools or other methods.
  • Don't be a dickhead.
  • If you want to cheat, join our Anarchy server! IP:
  • Report bugs and griefers to admins!
  • Be kind to each other!
  • You can set 3 homes!
  • Vote to receive rewards!
  • Report cheaters to admins!
  • Play normal without the use of exploits!


Q: How do I claim land?
A: Make a selection with a golden shoven. Select two corners of your desired square claim-area. Use a stick to see what is claimed and what isn't. You can use /trust and /containertrust to add friends to your claim. Use '/ClaimsList' to see information about your claim and claimblocks.

Q: Can we loot or grief unclaimed land?
A: To a certain extent, yes. You are allowed to loot and take blocks of unclaimed land but you are not allowed to grief as in placing random blocks, placing lava, claiming land right next to someone elses claim etc. This will result in a ban.

Q: Can we TP players to the Nether and kill them?
A: You aren't allowed to teleport/bait players to the Nether and murdering them. This is a dickhead move. You can PVP if the player knowingly visits the Nether, like going through a portal or to his home in the Nether. If a player visits the Nether like that then he basically gives you consent. If he doesn't know that he is about to go to the Nether, then there is no consent. He isn't ready for it etc. It's like going inside a mall, knowing that you're being recorded but consent by visiting anyways. If you don't consent then you don't go to that mall. Besides this, it's just a shitty move and only a cunt/coward would use this for their own advantage. This is why we either ask for the items back, force you to pay for it or give you our standard ban.

Q: How do I join?
A: Press accept in the discord server. Once you accept, you acknowledge that you have carefully read our rules and we will be allowed to ban you without asking questions. After accepting, you can whitelist yourself in the "Whitelist" channel.

Q: Where can I build?
A: You start with a negative balance which need to be paid off first. You cannot use '/rtp' or '/ds' (The shop command) while having this negative balance. If you have some money on your bank, you can use '/rtp' to teleport somewhere random. You get teleported random upon joining for the first time, though!
The command '/rtp' costs €100 to avoid abuse.

Q: How is the economy balanced?
A: We have a couple of tax brackets that will balance out the economy and also help fund projects. You will earn €10,- per hour and our shop has no sell options. You may also use /vote to earn some extra money on the side.
Poor: €0 - €500 = 0.1%
Middle: €500 - €1.000 = 0.5%
Upper: €1.000 - €2.000 = 0.75%
Rich: €2.000 - ∞ = 1%
Tax is collected weekly and sent to the Central Bank of Shikoku.

Q: How long are the bans?
A: The first ban is 30 days and the next ban is a permanent ban. A permanent ban also whipes your data from our server, including your buildings and player data.

Q: Why did I get banned? I believe I haven't done anything?
A: Please read our rules. We do not randomly ban people. If your friend gets banned for cheating or griefing and you join just so you can say 'Free Koevoet', you'll be banned as you won't be playing here normally and thus only annoy other players.

Q: Where can I get a rank?
A: Message @gelddief to get a rank. The revenue will go towards the server and split amongst staff.

Q: How much do the ranks cost?
A: Our ranks are a monthly payment. This makes them cheaper and renting a server is a monthly payment, too. There are three ranks which you can choose from.
VIP 1: 1 month: €1,99, 6 months: €9,99, 1 year: €17,99.
VIP 2: 1 month: €3,99, 6 months: €19,99, 1 year: €38.
VIP 3: 1 month: €6,99, 6 months: €38, 1 year: €69,99.
Keep in mind that these ranks only really give you more commands and less or no cooldowns etc. We do not have kits with items that you can't normally obtain.
Here's what you get:
VIP 1: 5 homes. /back /clearinventory /feed /hat /kit vip1 /recipe /workbench, +$100
Can join full servers, use colors in /msg, use '/rest' to get rid of phantoms and more in the future.
VIP 2: 10 homes. /back on death, /enderchest /heal /kit vip2 /ptime /skull and same as VIP1. /repair all, +$200
Can use chat colors, balance is allowed to go in the negatives.
VIP 3: 15 homes. No cooldowns. Keep XP. /kit vip3 /nick (with format), free commands, use /h to set a particle hat, can use formatting and magic. +$300
Also includes everything above apart from the kits.
Kits include various diamond and netherrite gear but they are mostly focused on the commands.

Q: Is there a shop?
A: Yes, if you use the following command: '/ds' you'll open up the shop.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask them to the admins.